Basic expectations

  • We are guests at Lővér kemping in Sopron, Hungary. Participants must obey all regulations and rules as directed by the site director and staff.
  • Relations between participants, those working or providing services at the camp and those living in the immediate vicinity of the camp are based on mutual respect for each person, with mutual understanding, courtesy, tact, civility and tolerance.
  • Participants are expected to act and use the services provided by the camp for the full duration of the event in compliance with the general norms of Hungarian laws and customs with positive behaviour and Christian values, without disturbing their peers.
  • Participants represent the Seventh-day Adventist Church at all times whilst at the Camporee and abide by the Camporee regulations as instructed by the Camporee Director and the Volunteer Staff, including any activities organised outside the camp.
  • The Pathfinder uniform should be worn for the opening programme and on Sabbath. At other meeting times we would ask for the scarf to be worn. Sensible and modest attire should be worn at all other times.

Participants’ rules, prohibited activities

  • Participants are expected to attend worship periods unless engaged in official Camporee duties.
  • Participants must respect fire and accident prevention rules, safety rules and participate in common or optional activities without disturbing others.
  • The participant is responsible for the cleanliness/tidiness of the camp. The participant must immediately report any dangerous/broken camp equipment to the camp staff. In the absence of the above, to the camp director.
  • In the event of fire, the participant must immediately inform the organisers, and then immediately – in order to protect his/her life and physical safety – go to the designated meeting point. Once there, the participant must act in accordance with the instructions of the camp leader or his/her staff.
  • All accidents/incidents must be reported to Camp staff/Camp office.
  • During the event and personal or shared equipment (e.g. furniture, bedding, pillows, audio-visual equipment, sports equipment etc.) must be treated with care and respect and may only be used with permission and for the purpose for which it is intended.
  • The participant is strictly prohibited from smoking, alcohol and all drug consumption during the camping period, both inside and outside the camp.
  • Participants must not enter the tents of the opposite gender. Boys are not allowed in girls’ tents and girls are not allowed in boys’ tents.
  • All Pathfinders must follow the night time code. At 22.30 everyone must start returning to their own encampments and at 23:00 there must be silence in all encampments. (The only exception is for Rover activities/night hike as directed)
  • The participant may not leave the camp without the permission of the camp organisers or their camp leader.
  • Participants must act responsibly, with due care and attention & follow all instructions when working with tools or building structures Violation of any of the rules of conduct may, depending on the severity, result in the camper being held liable. As a consequence, the camper may be sent home from camp. In the event of expulsion, the parent is responsible for the camper’s transportation home at his/her own expense. A camper who deliberately and seriously violates the rules may be excluded from camp for several years or permanently.