Sopron, Hungary

The Trans-European Division decided due to a number of factors that moving the event as central as possible would be a decision that benefits everyone to travle to its destination. And in the heart of Europe lies the picturescue country of Hungary, which was thankfully very enthusiastic to be hosting the next Pathfinder Canporee. Sopron is a very faithful town with rich history and a pride to the country, so it was decided that it would be a perfect host for this great event.

Pastor Dejan Stojkovic, TED Pathfinder Director

Our Campsite is located next to the beautiful town od Sopron. What’s great about it is the landscape’s diversity. There’s both lots of shade and trees, as well as larger fields for enjoying the sunshine. Above all, there are lots of little atmospheric nooks and crannies that not only help you navigate the site, but make the perfect spots for you to hangout with your friends. In short, the area really does provide something interesting for everyone!

Jonathan, Pathfinder director, Polish Union Conference

How to travel to TED camporee?

Our team purposely took the train from Vienna to Sopron to see how easy or difficult it truly is to get to Sopron Hungary the place of our camporee. I hope this video will give you some ideas how you can get to the next camporee and please let me know in comments what option did you chose. God bless you and thanks for watching.