Programme Highlights


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Main Speaker

Find out more about Melissa Myklebust here.

Daily Bible study

Every morning there will be a Bible study time which will take place in your national camp. The Bible study guide will be available for translation into your own language(s) and will be written by Marjukka.

Marjukka Ostrovljanović grew up in Finland, surrounded by lakes and forests. During her teenage years she struggled with drugs, alcohol and anxiety, all of which led her to a point where she had to choose between life and death. Choosing life meant also choosing God and He guided her through years of struggle and rooted her in His church, which led her to study Theology in order to know Him better. During her studies she discovered a deep passion for the biblical Hebrew language and translating/studying the Old Testament in Hebrew became her way of learning more about God, His plan and His will. Through intensive study of the Word grew also the wish to share her journey of discovering the strange, uplifting, encouraging, puzzling and life-changing texts of the Bible and her vlog, The Treasure Hunt came into existence. Currently she works as a pastor in Bavaria, Germany.  She is married to Mike and they have 2 children.


Baptism at the ‘More to Explore’ camporee in 2014

It is always a great experience to see pathfinders say “yes” to Jesus. There will be a baptism on Sabbath, several pathfinders have already taken the decision to be baptised. If you would like to be baptised at the Camporee, please e-mail:

Market day

At every camporee we have a Market day, where all the funds we raise, will go to a specific project for children who need our help. At Market day, we encourage each pathfinder club to be creative about how they will raise money – it could be souvenirs from your home countries, homemade crafts, organized activities, hair braiding, massage, food etc. Use your imagination and anything is possible. Details of this year’s projects are available here.

International evening

On one of the last evenings we will have international evening where we will see the variety of our many countries in the Division. Each union will have a few minutes to present something from their country. If you have a great idea, you can contact your own pathfinder director and tell them your suggestions.

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