Market Day

What is Market Day?

Market day is a time for Pathfinders at a Camporee to fundraise money for a project that will help other Pathfinders.

Clubs can sell items, services, experiences, etc. It’s a chance to get creative: maybe you are good at a particular craft that other Pathfinders will want to buy, maybe you can sell a really good hug or maybe you can charge money for Pathfinders to have fun throwing wet sponges at club leaders!

Watch this short report about the money collected during the last TED Camporee Market day

All of the money collected this year will be split between two projects: supporting an ADRA kindergarten in Tirana, Albania and rebuilding damaged homes in the Dominican Republic.

Learn about the mission project in the Dominican Republic from Pastor Dejan Stojkovic and his team

Make sure your club has completed the form to participate!

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