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Download, save and read the Camporee A-Z for your reference.


If your equipment is being transported by cargo, you can normally not have any gas containers in the cargo. There will be gas for sale at the camp site and regulators in case you need to buy them. These must be ordered through your local union by 30th June.

Travelling with Gas Bottles:
If you plan to drive, at the time of writing, Eurotunnel had a 47kg limit on a single gas cylinder, but it must be less than 80% full. Please check with Eurotunnel for their latest rules before travelling. Ferry operators have similar rules so check with your ferry operator before travelling. Usually, you can travel with 1 or 2 gas bottles in a car. As a general guide, the number of gas cylinders you are allowed to transport can vary and different routes have different rules, see below:

  • up to 1 x 47kg cylinder (but less than 80% full)
    • up to 2 x 11kg cylinders
    • up to 3 x 11kg cylinders
    • up to 3 x 15kg cylinders
  • All gas must be off
  • Declare the gas cylinder (most require this when you check-in)
  • Cylinder is secured and upright
  • Cylinder is accessible for inspection

Health and Safety

Mumps: This viral infection is present in the UK and there have been numerous occurrences at some universities around the country this year. For more information:

Police check: All participants over 18 years of age, must have a police check, to ensure they have no criminal history and are safe to work with children. Your local Union is responsible for collecting this information.  

It is not allowed for anyone over 18 to share a tent with anyone under 18 according to British rules. The exception is when parents share with their own children. For any queries, please e-mail:

Fire places: These can be made but they must be raised 30 cm above the ground

Waste water: All waste water from your kitchen, must be collected in a bucket, and poured out in pits/drains around the campsite.  Each kitchen must bring a filter (a colander or a bucket with max 10 mm holes) to place over the waste water bucket, to sift out any food

Pioneer poles: Each union has given us an order for the numbers of pioneer poles they require. These have now been ordered. The poles will be a maximum of 3.5 metres long


  • The menu ingredients for the following day will be provided each evening, so clubs can choose in which order they would like to eat the lunch/supper meals.
  • Alternatives will be provided for milk, eggs, cheese, vegans, allergies and special dietary needs.
  • Remember that special dietary needs and allergies must be clearly specified on the camporee club spreadsheet.  If someone has not notified us via the club spreadsheet of their dietary requirements, then we will not have provisions for them and the club will have to supplement the necessary food items.

Market Day

For information about Market day, visit:

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